Temporary Residence Services Canada

What are temporary residence services in Canada?

A foreign national who is authorized legally to visit Canada for a temporary purpose is called a temporary resident. By gaining temporary residence, they can study, work, or travel in Canada conveniently.

What are the rules for a foreign national to be a temporary resident?

The temporary resident status is given to a foreign national only when they fulfill all the legal requirements of Canadian law. The foreign nationals physically present in Canada can come or stay in Canada as a worker, visitors, students, or temporary residents.

What are the services provided by the immigration consultancy firms?

Various immigration consultants are providing and helping with temporary residence services in Canada. These immigration consultancies help make the process easy and smooth.

These immigration services put such applications in various categories: temporary resident visas, temporary workers, students, e-travel authorizations, temporary resident permits, etc. The temporary resident application is considered on various grounds such as length of the stay, the purpose of the stay, etc.